Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maia's Baby Beetle

Maia is a little nurturer...she loves babies and dogs and kisses and cuddles. The only thing she is not gentle with is her brother JD, whom she will aggressively tackle to get a toy or book that she wants. Today we learned that she even loves beetles......

This is the beetle she found outside while we were playing:

She made cute little coo noises as she picked it up as gently as she could with those chubby little fingers.....

JD sat back curious but liked the thing better when we captured it in a cup.

In other cute Maia news today, Nikki was at work with Ryan and when we got inside Maia kept pointing at the empty dog bed and saying "Nii-Nee, Nii-Nee" which is her name for our dog. This girl really does love people and animals. Maybe it's time to get her a baby doll.