Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dana Point

Friday's weather was gorgeous so we walked around the harbor with the kids- they love being able to walk (not be in the stroller) and like to look at all the boats coming in and out. There was a guy down there with all his birds and we got to take some fun pictures too....

JD & Mama....this reminds me of the bird I used to have at home... 

Grandma, Maia, JD, me 

 JD ducked behind me so it looks like the bird-guy's head is on JD's body....this would have been a great picture if JD was looking!
Debbi is an animal-charmer, the animals at the petting zoo a couple months ago loved her too

Christmas Morning

I was having too much fun with the kids to take very many pictures on Christmas morning but we did get a few....we had a big Cat tractor that the kids can sit on and ride out and unwrapped already when they came out of their bedroom, as well as a stroller with Maia's new doll in it. My parents got to our house about the same time the kids were waking up, and both my sisters and Allison's husband were there too, plus Debbi, so there were 8 adults to watch and spoil JD & Maia. :-) I think we spent about 30 minutes just playing with the tractor and stroller/doll before we even started in on the rest of the presents!
I think once you are over 50, it is hard to be suprised for Christmas! We thought we had done it this year by getting my parents snowshoes, and then the day after Thanksgiving they started talking about how good the sales were, and were ready to go out and buy snowshoes. So we had to tell them they couldn't and would just have to wait until Christmas.
 Also notice in the above picture that my shoe-girl Maia is already wearing the new purple tennis shoes from  her stocking, even though they are about 2 sizes too big.

We had to help them get the paper started, but they figured out how to pull it back and get the present inside pretty quickly. 

 JD was stoked about his new cars from Debbi.
 The kids were very excited to get bottles on Christmas morning (we've stopped bottles at this point) because Mama wanted some milk protein to balance out the early-morning Christmas candy & cookies. :-)
Our kids are too smart, we didn't want them to figure out how to turn the sound on and off, so that we could control whether we were listening to truck noises all day, but engineer JD had figured out how to turn the sound on so the buttons work by lunch time.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Alli, Uncle Ammon & Aunt Kimber are all visiting us this week for Christmas present this year is having my whole family together and getting to spend a lot of time together playing with the kids. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Little Miss Maia-girl said "Merry Christmas, Santa" (or maybe it was something more like "My mama said if I sit on your lap, you'll give me some candy.")
Mr JD-boy took one look at Santa and said "Candy cane or not, I am not getting close to that strange looking man and don't you DARE put me on his lap!"

Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! Here are pictures of #1 and the other #1 on my gratitude list - these two fill my heart with so much thanks that I haven't made it past them when it comes to listing the things I am grateful for this holiday season.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Sorry Mom....I never got these pictures mailed! Here are my little Grease Lightning Halloween toddlers. :-)