Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bruises - ice cream - life

Had a sweet day with the kiddos.
JD has a goosebump on his head from the hardwood floor and we learned that biting the inside of your mouth during a fall can cause quite an oozy-slobbery-blood-mess.
I think I am forming a bruise on my forehead where I had a run in with the corner of an open cabinet in the kitchen.
Maia has no injuries. :-)
I got a lot of cuddles from JD and he dozed off in my lap in the rocking chair. Then he woke up suddenly, startled me, jumped up, and yelled "EL-MO!" waking Maia who began protesting "EL-MO" right along with him.
So we watched an episode of Elmo's World and then went and got ice cream cones. The car ride there was pretty much 2 toddlers chanting non-stop "ICE-cream-cone! ICE cream-cone!" Then they kept taking licks of their cones and saying "ICE! mmmmmmm"
Being a mom is the greatest thing I've ever done. Life doesn't make sense a lot of the time but it always feels right when I'm wearing my mama-hat and spending time with my twinners.
My SIL posted this on Facebook and it pretty much captured today's mood:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miss Maia-Mama

Miss Maia has recently taken to being quite the incredible Mama to her twin babies. She got one doll for Christmas and another for her birthday - she will put them in her stroller, point at me and say "two babies" and then point at her stroller with a big smile on her face and say "two babies!" She does not like to go anywhere without both babies and her stroller - we take them in the car and recently she has insisted on taking them on our walks, meaning this is what we look like:

She has stamina because she has to hold the stroller there and will do so for several miles with no complaining. After we get up the hill a couple of miles I let them get out and walk, she loves pushing her stroller while I push mine:

I thought I wanted a tomboy but I am pretty captivated and head over heels for my little girly-girl. What a sweetheart.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a mother's work

I had a L-O-N-G night last night with two kids uninterested sleeping and on top of a few other things going on in life this week it made for a cranky morning....loved stumbling across this today that was encouraging, written by a mama over at Deeper Story.

"I pray big things for my sons. I pray for gentle spirits and for courage. I pray they will be men of conviction and mercy, justice and forgiveness. I pray they will grow to love the things that God loves.
And sometimes we have tender discussions about faith. We talk about God giving us new, soft hearts, especially on days when our hard hearts seem to be running the show. We talk about taking care of people who need care the most.

But most of my living with my boys is not “spiritual,” it’s physical. I am wiping snot. I am wiping rear ends. I am chopping vegetables; I am singing the praises of vegetables to the child who refuses to try new things. I am holding tools in my hands. I am tending ouchies. I am packing bags and packing snacks and packing my pockets with tissues because someone always has a cold. I am tying shoes and buckling seat belts.

And it is holy work. Yes, I said holy."

Friday, May 10, 2013

what little boys are made of

With dirt on his nose,
and scrapes on his knees,
the throwing or rocks,
and the climbing of trees,
with pockets of frogs,
and jars full of bugs
makes a sweet little boy
full of kisses and hugs

Someone asked me this week if I love both my kids the same....I certainly love them both as much (totally endless) but one of the interesting things about kids is that sometimes one doesn't need you much and at that same time the other one is totally connecting with you. And then another day it's vice versa. (...and then there are some days when both need you 24/7 and you just can't be enough....) Today was one of those days where Maia was kind of doing her own thing and JD and I were having a riot. This little man is a climbing, noise-making, dirt-and-water-attracting machine. He got two baths today....love it.
We played at our big local park for an hour, got soaked in a fountain on the way to the car, and then still wanted to play outside in the back yard when we got home. Hallelujah for spring and the sun staying out until late evening. :-)