Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st Christmas

Chatting it up in front of tree on Christmas Eve

Do I get to eat chocolate on Christmas?

Not until Christmas morning buddy

Mama & Maia

Baby Maia in a Manger

So excited for my present from Grandma!

Love my new book

I think I like this Christmas thing

Who has more fun, the parents or the kids?

Maia makes a play for JD's new book....HEY!

I think my stocking is bigger than me!


JD doing his morning push ups

Mom this present is boring


Sunday, December 11, 2011

winter mornings

There has been some talk in our house of whether or not we are spoiling both babies by letting them sleep with us...on occassion...meaning every morning by about 4 am they find their way into bed with us. We go back and forth, one day I tell Ryan, "You are really spoiling them! We need to stop letting them sleep with us!" because he brought them into bed that morning (with no objections from me in the moment, I love a cuddly baby to curl up with). The next morning I bring one or both in, and that day Ryan tells me "You are really spoiling them! We need to stop letting them sleep with us!" But look how much he hates it in the moment!

Who could resist this warm, fuzzy, cuddly polar bear on a somewhat chilly (downright cold by Southern CA standards!) morning? I figure, 10 years from now, I will wish that I had a baby to nuzzle into me while I sleep. So at least, by then, I will have the memories of many mornings with just that. Times 2 (JD isn't in the picture, but he's often right there with the rest of us).

There is nothing better than a sleeping baby. Not that I'm biased at all but I think they look like the most precious angels while they sleep.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Maia really likes animals. Mostly dogs (because that's what we have, and that's what my parents have) but she's also very interested in the ducks & geese when walk by the lake. So I'm guessing it's just animals in general.

This is her laughing at Nikki playing fetch. The video is kind of shoddy because it's just my Iphone, and I'm throwing a toy with my other hand, but it's still a pretty good representation of how much she loves to play with Nikki. She also gave Nikki hugs and kisses today. She hasn't even done that with her daddy yet!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

baby it's cold outside

We spent a week with my family for Thanksgiving and now it's almost Christmas! Two best gifts so far: Maia gives me big open mouth kisses on the cheek now (Ryan didn't believe it until he actually saw it) and so far I'm the only one she gives them to. Ryan is bummed, but I'm thrilled. It's our special thing, at least for now. Also we are getting TWELVE HOUR nights without anyone waking up! Last night and tonight they've both been asleep by 6 pm and we haven't seen or heard from them again until 6 am. There's some angels singing Hallelujah about that, let me tell you. At least in this house.

Miss Maia made herself quite at home while visiting Aunt Alli & Uncle Ammon.

7 Months Old! Both JD & Maia have mastered sitting. They sit up and play with toys all afternoon now.

We got pictures taken while we were in Utah. The one I'm sending out in the Christmas card is top secret and not online anywhere. Poor JD was terrified of the flash, I've never seen him so upset, but we managed to get a few good ones.

Maia was quite the doll in front of the camera.

Helping Mama build a fire. I am quite the boy scout, I didnt' actually build this one from scratch but I could if you asked me too....without lighter fluid even. JD was impressed.

Johnson family keeping warm....after this we left the babies inside with family and actually got to go snowshoeing ALONE! It was fun.

This is Maia's Blue Steel pose.

I love this boy.

Watching the snow...

Playing in the snow....(kind of)