Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Personality video

JD getting into things while Maia eggs him on by laughing (it kind of sounds like she's crying but she's actually laughing really hard). JD turns around to look at his audience and you can see he's pretty pleased with himself for discovering he can dump Nikki's water bowl over...

This is a long video but notice around 1:50 that Maia finds her reflection in the dishwasher and spends a couple of seconds looking. JD is far less interested in his reflection than Maia (although I don't think either of them knows they are looking at their own image).

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maia Kisses

How many pictures of Maia kisses are too many?!?! This girl loves to smother me with kisses (and I am the only one so far - makes me feel like a very special Mama). My face gets covered in slobber and baby goo but I don't even care, they are my favorite.

Ryan snapped about a thousand pictures of us in the pool and captured all the different kisses of my precious baby girl:

Yep, I am obsessed. And just in case anyone is worried that I am leaving JD out, let me explain something. JD is ON THE MOVE. That boy crawls faster than I can run and he is on the verge of walking. To top it off, he is obsessed with all things electronic. If he sees a camera, phone, or remote control he's immediately trying to get it. So most of my pictures of him are of a boy reaching out toward my camera while trying to lunge at me - it's hard to get a good picture of him these days! I actually have a cute 9 month picture of Maia with her standard teddy bear to post in a "9 month update" but have yet to be able to get JD to sit still next to his stuffed bear long enough to get a picture. 9 month old full-of-energy BOY is better than any gym pass on the market.

Monday, January 2, 2012

We've entered a new phase in life...JD is officially mobile. Nikki has often been the beneficiary of this learning process.

Align Center

Nikki is pretty nice about it. Probably because this is the most attention she's gotten in about 8 months.

And just in case you haven't gotten the clear picture of how much trouble we are in.... he's climbing too! Time for more baby gates and blockades.

No worries, you say, they have sweet little Maia, who would never cause trouble, to balance things out... she doesn't take it to use it either, she already has one in her mouth, apparently she just thinks she should be the only one who gets all the pacifiers.

But look closer. She's a total paci-theif. I end up having to lay her down in the stroller once JD gets tired of his pacifier being stolen right out of his mouth. Look at those eyes - not always so innocent! Ha ha.

We are having a great time with these two. This is a fun age.

They are pretty sweet. They are getting very interactive - laughing at each other, copying each other, babbling back and forth. They are both trying really hard to hold their own bottles but eventually they let me take over. They do feed themselves cereal and have a long list of veges they like at this point- we've added lima beans, olives, pumpkin, potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini. They eat a little bit of bread and tried some gingerbread at Christmas. JD didn't love the butternut squash but everything else has been a hit.