Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Horrible Mother Award

I went out to the garage to get something today and somehow the door locked behind me. Of course both babies also started crying at this same moment. I freaked out and called Ryan in full panic mode because my brain shut down and I needed someone to save the day. Luckily I remembered my one criminal skill - breaking and entering with a credit card - and luckily my license was in the car and it did the trick. I was back inside within 5 minutes but felt like the most horrible mother in the world. Everyone was fine though so now it is starting to be a little bit funny. Only a little though!


  1. isn't that such a horrible feeling!! I got that award last weekend when i took our 6 year old to the store to get sprite cause she was sick...and she puked in Wal Mart :( I felt so bad so got several new toys!! We couldn't leave without new toys....most important part of the trip :)

  2. Oh sweetie, if that was the worst thing I had done, I'd feel much better. Once we were on a walk with our dog and she was being very difficult, took my hands off the stroller for 2 sec and it tipped over, with Josh inside! He was fine, wasn't even bothered by it at all, just stayed asleep. BUT I felt horrible!! But he survived and is over 1 year old now.