Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Fall

Happy Fall! Aside from spending the last two weeks in the hospital with Miss Maia, who is now doing very well, we have been really busy...

Trying on our Halloween costumes for Grandma...

While visiting Great-Grandma in Arizona...

Playing lots of games...

Swinging at the park ("Mom, I'm Flyyyyyyyying!")

And swinging some more...

Hey, I even convinced Aunt Alli to swing with me!

Tired of swing pictures yet? Ok....

We also went to trunk-or-treat

We gave away a lot of candy but didn't take any home...maybe next year.

It was hot and we didn't want to wear our hats. But we were cute anyway.

How hard is it to get one baby to look at the camera? Not very.

How hard is it to get two babies to look at the camera? Very.

Happy Fall!


  1. They are getting so big--I love to see the pictures!

  2. Adorable pictures! I can HARDLY wait to be able to see them all the time!! 2 months! I'm already excited about celebrating their 1st birthday with you guys (and yours and Ryan's birthday too :)!

  3. Love the halloween costumes! They are sooo cute!!

  4. Omg they are so cute!! Miss them so much! I think you need to come back and visit!!! Super cute pictures!!