Monday, September 8, 2014

Years Go By

9 summers and counting I've been enjoying summer evening concerts at the SJC a newlywed, a new Californian, an overworked audit manager, a new-mama, a new-single-divorced-mama....but always blessed with dear dear friends by my side.
Now sharing these beautiful summer nights with JD & Maia, my heart is a little achy with nostalgia and with the creeping realization that my little twinners are growing up and there are no more babies and - this is what is really hitting me - no more toddlers! They are so big. Talking, thinking, pretending, imagining, learning, dressing themselves, getting ever-more opinionated, and needing me a little less each day that goes by. Where does the time go?



1 comment:

  1. It is ironic how we want our kids to be independent and then as they grow up and become independent we miss them needing us.

    One of these days I will come to CA at the right time to attend one of these concerts. They look like so much fun!