Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day

For my first mother's day I win mother-of-the-year award (insert sarcasm) for giving my 5 pound baby girl the flu. I didn't realize it until after the fact but I started getting sick Saturday night. She was fussy all night because she seemed hungry but without the energy to eat. So Sunday when I had no energy to eat and felt horrible and realized I was sick, I took my temperature and it was 101.7. Took hers and it was 100.2.

So since it had been a whole week since any type of significant medical happening, we spent the evening of mother's day at the kid's urgent care center and then at Mission to get blood drawn from her (this time from her arm - I wasn't there to see it but Ryan said it wasn't fun). Because of the very thin layer of skin over her L4-L5 spinal cord area the risk of infection is higher than a normal baby and they wanted to run blood tests to make sure she didn't have any type of infection. Her white blood cell count was up, but by the time the final results came in the next day we were both better with no fever so nothing ever came of the blood test.

We celebrated Monday instead of Sunday to say the least. My mom was here and she watched JD all night Sunday downstairs to keep him away from the sick girls. Ryan slept in the nursery with Maia and took care of her so I could get uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping it off seemed to do the trick and we all had a much better and less eventful Monday.

This little girl has seen WAY too many doctors in her short little life! I'm hoping that after her surgery in a few months it will be regular checkups ONLY from here on out.


  1. so do you know when the surgery will be? If she has it before September, do you think she will still be ok to travel?

  2. We don't know quite yet, but he bigger she is the better. It's not an "urgent" surgery so we should have a lot of say in when we schedule it. Her pediatric neurologist said 4-6 months would be ideal - she'll have another MRI at 3 months (end of July) and that would put the surgery somewhere between late August - late October. I prefer her to be as big as possible so we'll do our best to schedule it for October, so September wedding should be fine! :-) It sounds like (assuming there are no surprises) she will be in the hospital for 1-2 nights recovering after the surgery, so in the realm of spinal cord surgeries that is a really fast recovery. The sedative they gave her for the first MRI is the preferred anethesia for the surgery, but for obvious reasons they won't be using it - if the could use that, it would probably be an outpatient surgery - because they will have to use something that will probably make her sick and unable to keep down food for a day or so, that's why she'll be in the hospital for a day or two. Anyhow, I don't think she'll have it by September - probably October.

  3. Oh man. You guys have been through the ringer. I watched the docs give Audrey an IV at 2 days old and I just about passed out. They tried to stick her ALL over hoping to find an area that would work. It was horrible. Just know that all of this is making you guys stronger and better parents! God bless all four of you. xo