Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks and Final Pictures

Well, we decided to write this blog to keep so many friends and family in the loop. I actually sat down yesterday and listened to all the messages I received last week on my cell - I hadn't listened to any of them during the week, just left them for when I had energy/time, and it was really touching to hear from so many people just expressing their love & support and offering to do anything they could. Same thing happened when I finally checked my email again this weekend.

This is the last post because now we actually have time to talk to you all and keep in touch better. Yesterday was our first full day at home as a family and even though it was exhausting, we loved every minute! Thank you for all your love, support and prayers, it really carried us through an incredibly difficult week and we are so blessed to have such a happy ending. We have such a heart for people who go through this roller coaster NICU ride, with moments of unsurety as to whether babies are coming home or not, and know there are so many families out there who live in that sustained crisis mode for weeks and even months. Saddleback NICU, CHOC Mission PICU, and Ronald McDonald House were all fantastic and we also couldn't have done it without such loving and caring nurses at both hospitals.

Philippians 4:13 - last week's theme and something we will remember every time we look back on pictures and memories of our babies after they are grown.

Leaving the NICU with Josh - Maia is already waiting at home with Grandma

Thank you to all of our wonderful nurses, neonatologists, lactation consultants, doctors, and CalState Long Beach nursing students at Saddleback!

Finally all four of us together at one place

I think she is deciding how she feels about now having to share the spotlight with her brother

We're trying to hold JD as much as possible since we haven't been able to for a week

Baby girl

Baby boy

This is a pretty accurate show of their personalities!


  1. So awesome! Although im sad this is the last post, i love getting on here and looking at all the pictures! Makes a bad day pretty amazing to see those smiling babies!! So happy to see all 4 of you home and happy! :) Love to you all!

  2. I'm SO SO SO happy for ALL of you!! I'm sure those babies are happy to be with each other and Mom and Dad again. Congrats!! Your babies are beautiful. I'm sad you won't be posting anymore:( Will you be posting stuff on your last blog??? Love and prayers to you all

  3. Oh man OH MAN! They are so cute!!! All of the pictures are so cute, even when they're crying :) I can't wait to see and hold them!!

  4. LOVE seeing them at home together. I'm so glad that things turned out well and that you guys are HOME! The days to come will seem like a breeze, right? :o)

  5. Oh I was hoping that you would update from time to time so we could see them growing. I am so glad that you are all home together, they are certainly beautiful, blessings to each of you.

  6. Congrats on your beautiful family! I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. :) Allison sent me the link since I kept asking how things were going for you. Your babies are absolutely perfect and so precious! Reading your NICU stories brought back so many memories and feelings. Our first was in the NICU for a week and it was a very long week. And our situation wasn't even as difficult as yours. But I'm so glad that you are all at home now and bring on those late nights and early mornings that will all blend together. Congrats to you!!!