Thursday, July 14, 2011

12 Weeks!

Our babies are 12 weeks old...

Maia Jean has grown from 5 lbs 4 oz to 10 lbs 10 oz. She is exactly 2 feet tall.

She falls asleep when she gets tired, no matter where she may be, but if it is daytime a door shutting, a bump in the road, a pacifier falling out, a not-tight-enough swaddle, or her brother crying wakes her up with a jolt.

LOVES her pacifier - can we say addict?

When this girl cries, there are always real tears. BIG ones. The kind that will melt your heart and probably get us to buy her a car someday.

She is usually pretty quiet, but very alert and observant. She likes to sit back and watch the world unfold.

Cuddles more often than her brother but makes you work harder for a smile!

Josh "JD" has grown from 6 lbs 11 oz to 12 lbs 8 oz. His grandpa calls him "bruiser". This boy can eat and he is SOLID.

He has 3 moods: Tired (which you know he is if he gets fussy), Happy (full of smiles and coos, on the verge of laughing) and Angry (he actually yells at us already, no joke). It takes a little more effort to get him to sleep, but once he is, he is totally out.

Needs a super-tight double-swaddle and white noise like his sister needs her pacifier.

If he is awake, you'll hear him. He'll either be yelling at you (one of his distinct cries) to pick him up, babbling, grunting, or making any other sort of random noise. Knows what he wants and won't stop until he gets it.

He is already a take-charge kind of boy. He likes his toys, wants to be entertained, and seems irritable if you pay more attention to his sister than to him!

We are consistently getting at least one 4-hr stretch of sleep per night, and usually at least an hour of overlapping nap time in the afternoon. Occasionally a 5-hr stretch at night and occasionally 2 hours of overlapping sleep in the afternoon (which is why it took me an entire week to finish this blog post).

Oh and they both LOVE to go for walks (2 a day, getting Mama back in shape!) They both like to be outside (favorite time in the morning is eating breakfast outside on the patio and watering the plants).


  1. Darling pictures! I liked the way you made a collage of them. They are sure growing like weeds!

  2. Its fun hearing how they have NOT changed (Maia and her passy, Josh always crying...) because I know they are growing up so fast! Another thing that has stayed the same...they're still adorable!!!