Saturday, July 9, 2011

Josh has been fussing no matter what I do for an hour so I finally just set him down and went to make dinner. He kept crying for a while and then got really quiet, so I thought he had fallen asleep. When I went to check on him, he was wide awake and very aware of and interested in his toys! He was reaching out and touching them, and just studying everything in front of his face. He's never seemed aware of them before. He entertained himself for 4-5 minutes which is HUGE.

In other news, we are home from Utah and they are 11 weeks old now. After some practice in Utah, I am getting better at taking the two of them out by myself now, so outings are our new thing. It still takes me longer to get out of the house than I think it will every time, but we're making it places with everything we need and usually two generally happy babies...

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  1. HUGE accomplishment going out by yourself!! I'm sure you get lots of attention and questions everywhere you go!!