Sunday, December 4, 2011

baby it's cold outside

We spent a week with my family for Thanksgiving and now it's almost Christmas! Two best gifts so far: Maia gives me big open mouth kisses on the cheek now (Ryan didn't believe it until he actually saw it) and so far I'm the only one she gives them to. Ryan is bummed, but I'm thrilled. It's our special thing, at least for now. Also we are getting TWELVE HOUR nights without anyone waking up! Last night and tonight they've both been asleep by 6 pm and we haven't seen or heard from them again until 6 am. There's some angels singing Hallelujah about that, let me tell you. At least in this house.

Miss Maia made herself quite at home while visiting Aunt Alli & Uncle Ammon.

7 Months Old! Both JD & Maia have mastered sitting. They sit up and play with toys all afternoon now.

We got pictures taken while we were in Utah. The one I'm sending out in the Christmas card is top secret and not online anywhere. Poor JD was terrified of the flash, I've never seen him so upset, but we managed to get a few good ones.

Maia was quite the doll in front of the camera.

Helping Mama build a fire. I am quite the boy scout, I didnt' actually build this one from scratch but I could if you asked me too....without lighter fluid even. JD was impressed.

Johnson family keeping warm....after this we left the babies inside with family and actually got to go snowshoeing ALONE! It was fun.

This is Maia's Blue Steel pose.

I love this boy.

Watching the snow...

Playing in the snow....(kind of)

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  1. Oh my gosh... adorable!! I can't believe it's been 7 months...