Friday, December 14, 2012


Little Miss Maia-girl said "Merry Christmas, Santa" (or maybe it was something more like "My mama said if I sit on your lap, you'll give me some candy.")
Mr JD-boy took one look at Santa and said "Candy cane or not, I am not getting close to that strange looking man and don't you DARE put me on his lap!"


  1. Dad and I both got a good Christmas "ho ho ho" out of your commentary on the twins visit to Santa at the mall. Darling picture of Maia...she is really taking ol' Kris Kringle in!
    Sweet dress she is wearing!

  2. JD's response reminds me of Allison's response when she was a toddler and saw Santa. She screamed and ran if I remember correctly! Even the look on Maia's face is one of checking him out to see if he is ok. I can see why Santa would be scary to a little child.