Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dana Point

Friday's weather was gorgeous so we walked around the harbor with the kids- they love being able to walk (not be in the stroller) and like to look at all the boats coming in and out. There was a guy down there with all his birds and we got to take some fun pictures too....

JD & Mama....this reminds me of the bird I used to have at home... 

Grandma, Maia, JD, me 

 JD ducked behind me so it looks like the bird-guy's head is on JD's body....this would have been a great picture if JD was looking!
Debbi is an animal-charmer, the animals at the petting zoo a couple months ago loved her too

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  1. That was such a fun outing down to Dana Point. I'm really glad we did that. Bird man and his birds made it that much more interesting.