Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mama's new favorite game - their bedroom window overlooks a small courtyard in front of our home - they stand at the window, I run down and go outside and wave up at them.....I think I like it more than they do!

We can't believe it's almost time to start planning a 1st birthday party for these two! We haven't had a check-up since November and we have no idea how much they weigh or how tall they are, but it doesn't take a second glance to see they are HEALTHY so that's all that we're concerned about (finidng time to measure and weigh two babies hasn't made it to the top of our "to-do" list yet). We're pretty sure they are tall. They are eating a whole array of vegetables (probably everything you can name besides brocolli and cauliflower), bananas, apples, cereal, and scrambled eggs. We LOVE this stage - it's so nice to have them moving because they can get what they want and interact a lot more - and my favorite part of every day is seeing JD intentionally try to make Maia laugh. They make us laugh a lot too!

Stylin' Baby B

Too Cool Baby A

Both JD & Maia are crawling and starting to explore their world. We knew they'd discover the dog door fast, but we didn't know it would be THAT fast! Neither one has made it out the door yet but they are both very interested in peeking outside.

Remember how I said we love that their moving now? Well, it's the truth, but it makes "operation keep them alive" a lot harder. So we decided to just go all out with the mother of all baby gates. Living room side of the baby gate = baby proofed. Kitchen side of the baby gate = adult space.

Props to Costco from twins mom. Only store I've found so far where BOTH my kids fit in the shopping cart. I should have someone take a picture of the other way I grocery shop - one baby in the cart, the other in the Baby Bjorn (their facing each other so they actually entertain each other while I shop).


  1. Omg they are getting so big and adorable!!! I wanna fly down right now to see them!!

  2. They are growing up sooo fast! How are you starting to plan their first birthday! Thats crazy! They are so stinkin cute though. props to costco!

  3. Trying to picture you shopping with one in the baby bjorn facing the other is impressive! They are so cute!