Friday, September 28, 2012


This is not the greatest video and I made it vertical instead of horizontal (oops) but you can see how great Maia is walking now. She took her first steps on July 20 so she has had a couple of months to practice and now she is little Miss Independent.

Also you can't hear it in the video but Aunt Allison has been watching JD & Maia for a couple of weeks during the day, we had a two week gap in our previous child care and next child care, and she has taught them to make a horse sound. Allison discovered this park within walking distance of our house (can't believe we've lived here for 5 months and never realized we could WALK to the park!) and when we all went to the park together after work, they saw these toy horses and Maia kept making the horse sound over and over. Cute! The park is only about a 10 minute walk.


  1. Oh my gosh look at her GO!!! You sure have your hands full with those two! although a lot of work, I can't wait to see those big achievements come along for my little one! They are so much fun! Super cute!!!

  2. She is walking so much better than last time we were there. Way to go Maia!