Monday, September 24, 2012


Favorite moment this weekend - Maia was chewing on half of a bagel and as I was holding her I said "I need to go get some breakfast too, Mama is hungry." She immediately took the soggy, half-chewed bagel out of her mouth, gave me a big smile, and tried to put it in my  mouth! Apparently she was happy to share with her hungry Mama, and apparently she totally understands the word and concept of "hungry" now!

We lost the battery pack on my camera so until I get the new one we ordered in the mail, here are some pictures from about a month ago....

Our good friends Keith & Charlotte visited this weekend and brought a big box, the kids loved it just as much as they loved the one below when another good friend, Jen, was visiting. This weekend's box was much bigger and the kids loved it until - gasp! - Ryan threw it away! What was he thinking?!?

 When you live in Southern California you have to love the sand.

Beach babe

Deciding whether the water is too cold to get in....

Of course JD-boy finds the one stick on the beach and carries it around the rest of the afternoon....

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  1. Double gasp...he really threw away the box? haha!
    Darling pictures of my darling grandkids!