Monday, October 1, 2012

Almost 1.5

These kids could not love being outdoors more
Visit from the Newmans

A few highlights from the last week:

*JD hugging Maia. The first time we saw it was he hit Maia on the head - Ryan immediately said "JD, no hitting" and JD turned around and gave Maia a hug. Yesterday it happened a lot, Maia was pretty cranky (I think they are both cutting more molars) and when she would cry, JD would try and give her a hug. She didn't always like it, but it was cute anyway.

*"Pretend hurt" - the first time we saw this was when JD actually fell and hurt himself out in the backyard. He wasn't calming down, so Ryan took him inside. Maia was concerned and so she and I followed a minute later and found Ryan in the kitchen feeding JD ice cream (of course that makes everything better). After sharing a few bites with Maia, we put it away and went into the living room. Maia pretty quickly walked over to the table, gently bumped her head (on purpose) on the table, and then started fake crying and ran over to the gate at the kitchen door. JD realized what she was doing and did the same. So we had two kids standing at the kitchen gate, fake crying, hoping that because they were "hurt", they would get more ice cream. :-)

We have two tables right next to each other outside, a big one for adults and mini one for them, and we don't let them up on the adult table. Last night JD hurt himself again and I ended up letting him sit on my lap at the adult table. Maia immediately went over to Ryan, bumped her head (on purpose again) gently on the ground, started fake crying, and lifted up her arms to Ryan so she could sit at the adult table too. Smart kids!

*Maia makes a monkey noise now. We say "ooo ooo eee eee ahh ahh ahhh" when we see a monkey in a book, and now she'll it and say "ahh ahh ahh ahh" for monkey. Last week, she was a picture of a monkey in a book and pointed to it and said "JD! JD! JD!" A few minutes later, in the kitchen where we have pictures of the kids, she pointed to a picture of JD and said "ahh ahh ahh ahh"!! Somehow I don't think this was a mix-up....she seemed pretty sure of what she was doing!


  1. OMG that is so funny!!! Kids are so dang smart! they know exactly what they are doing, weather it is right or wrong- double the trouble too! What you do to one kid, you will have to do to the other-WE can't give one dog a treat/special treatment without doing the same to the other. ahhh those kids of yours are pretty funny!

  2. Kids do the darndst things :-) Love the highlights from the week!