Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We got out the crayons last May and they tried to eat them....4 months later we tried again and it clicked! :-) This is our new wall art. Obviously they had a little help but the scribbles are totally original. They each wanted a crayon for each hand. 

Thus starts the home-decorated-by-children phase of life. This is hanging in the living room and I need to clear some room on the fridge for future creations....


  1. I've had a difficult time teaching Carter (my 2nd) to ONLY color on paper. Unfortunately he got ahold of a permanent marker one day when he was just under 2 years old, and I have his beautiful artwork on my bathroom wall now. :o(

  2. Next time they are here, I'm going to have them draw me a picture for my fridge! I need some kid's pictures in my home:-)

  3. You are also entering the "Christmas tree decorated by children" phase of life! Such a fun time of life...enjoy every minute of it...before you know they will be 29 with kids of their own!!!