Sunday, February 24, 2013


We had a restful, fun, completely rejuvinating weekend in Arizona spending time with family and running around the desert. And eating a lot of Mexican food, which is our favorite way to spend time with family. :-) The timing of the trip was excellent, the kids did great in the car, and I came home feeling like I had a real vacation. My mom, aunts, grandma, and angel au pair Debbi are awesome....they all made the trip possible and so much fun for me!
JD & Maia feeding my aunt's chickens

I kept waiting for their little hands to get pecked but they didn't

Too bad we didn't get any pictures but next thing we knew, JD had disappeared, and all of a sudden re-appeared inside the cage - he had found a door he could open and was just walking around inside with the chickens like he owned the place :-)

Both of them were saying "cluck cluck" every time they saw the chickens.....all credit goes to me and my mom singing countless rounds of "Old McDonald Had a Farm" with them

Debbi (JD & Maia's awesome nanny) feeling like she has been transported from Germany to Hollywood California and now to an old John Wayne western movie....full American experience

Sitting behind the wheel of my uncle's 38 year old Corvette

This was the cute little puppy at the place my grandma is living now.
Hikers in training....we carry our own snacks, drinks, and a spare diaper in our little backpacks that also have leashes on the back :-)

Getting amped up to do Stewart Falls with my parents in you think they will be ready?

Ahhhh the beautiful desert....I love it the most in February when it is too cold for the rattlesnakes to be out

How  many times do you think a mama can say "Don't TOUCH that cactus?" on a hike?

Darling Debbi carrying JD who got tired of walking faster than Maia (my I-can-do-it-myself girl)

On the way home I almost died I needed a bathroom so bad.....I blame it on JD who kicked my bladder 1,347 times when I was pregnant with him. This was where the gas station I was waiting for???? I had to FLOOR it to the next exit 9 miles away where thankfully I found nice, clean, working bathrooms.

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