Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog's Day

We had a really fun day at Balboa Island.....I liked shopping, the kids LOVED the boats (I think we spent about an hour just watching them) and we all shared a frozen chocoloate-covered banana...
Then we stopped by the Target at the Irvine Spectrum and figured, hey, when it's February 2 and 76 degrees in Southern California, we don't care about groundhogs......let's celebrate 6 more weeks of weather paradise by being that mom who lets her kids get kind of soaked in the water fountain. Because at some point you get old enough that splashing in a public fountain becomes socially unacceptable, so you should enjoy it while you are young, right?!? They were all smiles and laughed a lot too so it was a good day.

PS Fashionita Maia is still wearing her sweater when it hit 76 degrees because she loves sweaters and jackets and wants to wear them all the time regardless of the weather. She is into headbands these days too but unfortunately I think we lost the cute one we started the day with.


  1. pretty jealous of your weather- it was a brutal 20 degrees with a wind chill here in Ohio...BOOOO. I wanna play in a fountain as well

  2. You are so right, let them enjoy the water while they can get away with it! Glad you had such a fun day on your little field trip!