Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miss Maia-Mama

Miss Maia has recently taken to being quite the incredible Mama to her twin babies. She got one doll for Christmas and another for her birthday - she will put them in her stroller, point at me and say "two babies" and then point at her stroller with a big smile on her face and say "two babies!" She does not like to go anywhere without both babies and her stroller - we take them in the car and recently she has insisted on taking them on our walks, meaning this is what we look like:

She has stamina because she has to hold the stroller there and will do so for several miles with no complaining. After we get up the hill a couple of miles I let them get out and walk, she loves pushing her stroller while I push mine:

I thought I wanted a tomboy but I am pretty captivated and head over heels for my little girly-girl. What a sweetheart.


  1. It looks like she is wearing a TuTu!!! Love it!!! Excited to come hang out!

  2. Yes, she is wearing the outfit she picked out and it is a tutu! There are, however, no princesses in our house (yet)!!!

  3. What a cute story about Maia, the stroller and her "twins"! I love that she carries the stroller on her lap while riding in a stroller herself-so funny!

  4. Love that she's carrying her stroller while riding in her stroller! It's so fun to see you as a mom.