Friday, May 10, 2013

what little boys are made of

With dirt on his nose,
and scrapes on his knees,
the throwing or rocks,
and the climbing of trees,
with pockets of frogs,
and jars full of bugs
makes a sweet little boy
full of kisses and hugs

Someone asked me this week if I love both my kids the same....I certainly love them both as much (totally endless) but one of the interesting things about kids is that sometimes one doesn't need you much and at that same time the other one is totally connecting with you. And then another day it's vice versa. (...and then there are some days when both need you 24/7 and you just can't be enough....) Today was one of those days where Maia was kind of doing her own thing and JD and I were having a riot. This little man is a climbing, noise-making, dirt-and-water-attracting machine. He got two baths it.
We played at our big local park for an hour, got soaked in a fountain on the way to the car, and then still wanted to play outside in the back yard when we got home. Hallelujah for spring and the sun staying out until late evening. :-)