Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lyon Air Museum

JD loves all things airplanes so after picking Kimber up from the airport we decided to check out the Lyon Air Museum. Both kids had a great time but JD particularly thought he had died and gone to heaven:
Wandering around in awe of the huge planes. The way he says airplane sounds like "Ar-bee" (only a mother could interpret it I think) and he just kept walking around saying "Ar-bee! Ar-bee! Ar-bee! Ar-bee! MORE ar-bee! MORE ar-bee!"
Getting a view from underneath
This kid loves Jeeps. When we went out for ice cream last night he was more interested in the Jeep in the parking lot than the ice cream. He totally knew this was a Jeep and was pretty excited.
Watching the planes take off
The Air museum was a hit with Maia too. There was this little doorway where we had a front seat view to the runway.
Making sure Mr Stinky isn't missing the planes

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