Thursday, July 11, 2013


We headed out to the great state of AZ for some outdoor R&R with the family.....I posted all these plus more on Facebook but want a few permanently so here are my favorites

JD loved digging in the rocks with this awesome construction toy

Both kids loved the tire swing

Maia and Debbi (and paci and baby)

So many fun toys, so little time

Playing on the real tractor
"I do! I do!" Little Miss Independent

Mama's boy

All 3 story chimneys should double as rock climbing walls

4 Generations of Fabulous Ladies. My mom and grandma are both incredible woman and I am so glad Maia hs such a rich legacy of female role models :-)

Happy happy camper
JD loves Grandpa....and Grandpa definitely loves JD!

The lake of Lakeside.

Zipline - that's JD on there with me
Maia of course wanted Mama to get down so she could try it by herself. Not without her purple paci, of course.

Making silly faces with Grandpa

How do we turn this thing on?
Playing with Grandpa and Grandma


  1. looks like you guys had a great time! such cute pictures-also you look fantastic!

  2. Oh my goodness! JD and Maia are getting SO big! Ammon and I were both sad we couldn't be there to see you guys! And to have tons of fun with everyone!

  3. Love,love, loved the family reunion and getting to play with the kids.