Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall 2013

Dear Halloween,

We loved you. Oct 1 to Jan 14 = my favorite time of year ever. Q4 + my birthday. The weather has been amazing, our new town of Aliso Viejo has trees that shed yellow leaves that kind of make you feel like you are experiencing a new season, and JD and Maia were So. Dang. Cute dressed up this year. Not to mention the riot they had getting all sugared up trick or treating multiple times.

Can't wait to see you again next year. Until then we will be busy enjoying Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's (goodBYE 2013, whew!) and stepping one year deeper into the 30s decade. The next couple of months are going to be super fun.


JD, Maia & their Mama

 Cute cousins

Sesame Street

Tanaka Farms

Vampire Maia

Vampire JD

Driving the boats.....JD's favorite


Picking pumpkins with our friend Harry

This is some serious horse riding

Rides with cousin Audrey

Riding the swings

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  1. Your kids make the cutest faces; like JD on the boat and Maia on the! Such fun pictures!