Saturday, November 9, 2013


So I don't forget how cute my 2.5 year old is....

1. I was walking down the stairs today in our home next to Maia, who was carrying her two baby dolls oh-so-carefully. "Maia, you take such good care of your babies," I told her. She is so dang cute - carrying them around, putting them in their strollers, feeding them at meals. She looked up at me and matter-of-factly responded "It's not hard, Mama." LOL

2. While visiting Grammy, in the evening, before going home: Grammy had already changed JD's diaper and put him in PJs. He was downstairs. Maia was upstairs in the play room. Grammy went up to check on Maia and asked her, "Maia, would you like to put on your pajamas?" Maia said "yes" while continuing to play with the dolls in the doll house. Grammy told her "Your pajamas are downstairs." Maia looked and Grammy as if the answer was obvious and said "Bring them up here."

3. I was doing alphabet flashcards with Maia, more to see what she already knew than anything else. She'd identify A and I'd say "A is for apple." etc etc. When she identified the M, I said "M is for Mama." Next was N. I asked her what starts with N. She thought for a second and said "N is for Nai-Nai." Hilarious and true. She calls herself Nai-Nai, which is how JD started saying her name over a year ago. So she thinks her name starts with an N. I call her that half the time too, since it's cute, so I guess her name really does start with an N.

4. Maia has taken an interest in where people live, I think in connection with her realizing that Papa lives at a  different house than we do. So when we talk about various family members, I'll say "Grammy lives at Grammy's house." or "Our cousin Max lives at his house with Aunt Jen and Uncle Josh." or "Aunt Alli and Uncle Ammon live in Illinois." Grandma left on a plane to go back to Utah on Thursday. That evening we were talking about Grandma going to the airport, and I asked them where Grandma lives. Maia thought for a second and said "Grandma live on 'puter." Interpretation: Grandma lives on the computer. :-) hahahahaha Smart girl. We Skype with Grandma on the computer, so yes, that is where she lives.


  1. I love when kids start to talk.. they say the cutest things!! Haillee still says really really funny things.. they are great!!

  2. Love the cute things children come up with from their perspective on life! I'm going to go to bed in my computer!