Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Growing Up

I was re-arranging the toys and cleaning up a bit tonight, and was actually putting all our puzzles away because I didn't think the kids were old enough for them. I started separating out the pieces so they were at least organized when I put them in storage, and suprise, Maia picked one up and started putting the pieces in. She has to turn each piece quite a few times before it snapped in but she did this one about five times and a couple of others as well. She would bring the completed puzzle to me every time she finished one and was so proud.
Other cute kid moments this week........they won't eat avocado but they inhaled the guacamole I made on New Year's Eve. I am pretty sure they are both saying "ga-ga" for Grandma and Grandpa. JD has been afraid of the pier the past few times we've been there - he seems to have realized he's up high and there is water underneath. We've been trying to teach him it's ok, he's safe, etc. Today I went the tough-love route and told him I wouldn't carry him, he either had to be in his stroller or walk on the pier. That solved it.....he likes being carried but not stroller-confined. He jumped down and walked, no problem. Smart kid.

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  1. Glad to hear the fear of the Pier is behind him. Seeing all the new things kids learn to do is such a fun and rewarding part of raising children. Their wonderful hugs and kisses is another fun and rewarding part.