Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthday Weekend

For my 30th Birthday we took a too-quick trip to Utah. I got to try snowboarding for the first time and had a great time (only one remaining bruise left from the excursion) - looking forward to giving it another try next winter. I took one picture as proof. Couldn't take my gloves out to take any more because the day started at -10 degrees and didn't get above 5:
The rest of the weekend pictures are of how much fun JD & Maia had playing with Grandma & Grandpa, although Grandma & Grandpa were taking the pictures and didn't end up in any of them!
 The thought all the "new" toys were so fun....little do they know their mama and aunts used to play with these too. :-)
 Too cold to go walking outside so we went walking at the mall and stopped to play at their cool treehouse playground:

Below is JD's pure joy face :-)

"Grandma, we are so cold, can you take this picture fast and let us go back inside?!?"

They loved climbing up and down the stairs, which they aren't allowed to do at home (our stair's are spiral and have big gaps they could fall through)


  1. Happy 30th!!!! Isn't it weird?? I guess we are super-real adults now. :)

  2. SO SO SO CUTE!!! I can't believe how much Maia looks like you!! little Elise :) Glad you guys had a great time! i would love to get back to Utah to visit again... hopefully some day!

  3. Loved reliving the trip. You are right, it went way too fast and was too short. Just gives us an excuse to get together again real soon!