Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretend City

In my previous-public-accounting life I had a client who financially supported a kids' place in Irvine called Pretend City. I ended up with a couple of free tickets and have been holding on to them for about a year, waiting for JD & Maia to be old enough to enjoy it. A couple of coworkers and I decided to go last weekend and I LOVED this place. We were there for close to 3 hours, which is a pretty good attention span for both kids, and the layout of everything was such that I could reasonably keep track of both kids simultaneously.
Here is Maia in the pretend library with real books. There was a checkout area with a pretend computer where JD spent about 20 minutes just hitting all the keyboard keys (he's not allowed to touch the computer/keyboard at home).

The "central square" 

The grocery store - this was one of their favorite places 

 They both LOVED all the little cars, motorcycles, and other riding toys

 Maia filling her car up with gas - she actually knew to put the nozzle in the right place on the car and made her "sssshhhhh" noise like she was pouring liquid. Smart smart smart.
 JD loved watching the baby chicks at the pretend farm area. He even said 'cluck cluck cluck" without any prompting, which surprised me because these baby chicks don't look a whole lot like those in his animation-style farm books. Also smart smart smart. :-)
 Maia in the checkout line at the grocery store with her "purchases"
 Picking out produce....
 Weighing our produce....
Digging in the garden. Yes, JD was possessive and a little scary with the rakes.....the pictures stopped here because his jedi-fighting-style of playing with the rakes required some serious intervention

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