Sunday, March 24, 2013


I was so blessed to be able to make it out for one day this weekend to Utah to be at the memorial service for my sister's sweet twin baby boys that were born 4 months too early. The details are her's to share or not, but we are all grieving with them and it was so nice to be together even though it wasn't for very long.
Her baby boys were buried next to their four uncles, which is truly both bitter and sweet. The four uncles are my mom's babies that also had short lives and we all think that they must have been there to greet my sister's babies in heaven.
Everyone takes their family for granted at times, but it's difficult times like these especially that reminds me what an incredible family I have - immediate, extended, and those "adopted" friends who aren't technically family but may as well be. It was so nice to be surrounded by my family this weekend and to be able to hug and cry with my sister.


  1. Oh, Eggett, my heart hurts for Allison and her husband. I love you guys. I am thinking of those sweet boys and praying for Allison's healing.

  2. Oh no. I was worried when I saw your FB post that the sad news was similar to this. I didn't know Allison was pregnant with twins. I can't imagine the heartache and can't help but cry that she and her husband have to go through this tough trial. I'm so glad that she can turn to your mom for comfort who has experienced this heartache and will know how to grieve with Allison.

  3. So happy you got to be with your family... and the boys get to be with family as well :) lots of love to your entire family!!!