Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This kid cracks me up everyday. His personality is a lot like mine so he drives me nuts (and vice versa) but I totally love him.....he is too smart for his own good and STUBBORN (Mom, did you ever tell me "I hope you get a kid just like you"? He's here!).
He already figures out how to get around the rules - for example tonight I told him not to pull the chair up to the sink (which he was doing so he could play with water in the sink) so instead he figured out how to drag a laundry basket in and use it to climb on the counter and thereby get his way without pulling the chair up to the sink. I can't help but be proud of those little wheels turning in his head even though it exhausts me!
This is the kid that at 18 months, when I said "JD, Don't touch that," he would look at me with a mischevious grin and put his finger 1/16 of a centimeter away from whatever he wasn't supposed to touch, and then giggle. What a tease.
He also gives the best kisses, makes awesome truck and motorcycle noises, takes great care of his teddy bear, Mr. Stinky (JD puts Mr. Stinky's paws together at night so he can say a prayer and makes sure Mr. Stinky gets tucked into the covers so they can fall asleep together), and thinks I am AMAZING because of how high in the air I can throw his ball. He likes to jump off the back of the couch (I give up), climb, jump, throw, stomp like a dinosaur (like grandma taught him) and play the drums (any stick-like object against a hard surface will do). He is strong and coordinated and already attracted to sports.
His best words are ball, boat, car, truck, Jeep (and yes he knows which cars are Jeeps, no idea how he learned this), please, Stinky (what he calls his bear), helicopter, plane, moon, cracker, and dog. He can also communicate impressively with a series of different toned grunts.....
Happy 2nd Birthday JD-boy. You are super fun and a really good kid.


  1. LOL! I think Melah is going to be like him in many ways! so cute!! the laughs, tears and smiles a child can bring you.. amazing!!

  2. The different toned grunts he gets from his grandpa-lol! Loved reading this blog. Took me back about 29 years-haha!