Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Randoms

We are loving this unseasonably cool summer and spending as much time outdoors as possible....here are the simple things we have been enjoying
We bake something every weekend. Last weekend was chocolate-cranberry muffins. This is Miss Maia's response to "Smile!" She smiles with her bottom teeth and I totally love it. :-)

On our daily walk to get the mail. Which is a couple of hunderd yards awaya but sometimes takes 20 minutes to get to, because we have to, for example, play on the stairs for 5 minutes on the way there, 5 minutes on the way back. Love these monkeys.

We can walk to the bagel place which is fantastic on Saturday mornings. Bagels and orange juice please....note that Maia is feeding her baby doll a bagel. She takes caring for that baby pretty seriously.
Throwing their trash away after breakfast. I totally wish I could look this cute in leggings with a big pink heart on my butt. (Yes, both kids are still in their pajamas. We wanted bagels and a walk and didn't want to get dressed.....it's Saturday, anything goes.)

At the circus inside the OC Fair.....Grammy treated us to an awesome Friday night at the fair.

My 2 year old put together a 100-piece puzzle by herself.
Just kidding. I helped a lot....but she does really love puzzles. She has little 12-piece puzzles she can put together like a pro.

Guess what else is in walking distance of our house? Cold Stone and a really awesome fountain. We go play at the fountain at least once per weekend, sometimes mulitple times. Yes, I have had to stop them from swimming.

Our own personal pool on our super fun front patio.

with aunt Shannon at the SJC mission. Maia saw a picture of her aunt recently, pointed and said "Nan-non!" Too cute. We have 4 aunts - Aunt Kay-Kay, Aunt Owie (Alli), Aunt Jen and Aunt Nan-Non.

Super happy about the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Had a great time at our friends the Franklin's block party - bounce house included.

Street hockey with the big boys? Don't mind if I do!

Owning the game

He spends like two minutes prepping for this really big jump into the pool

My coworker had 2-year birthday party for our friend Ziva at this great park (new to us) off of Crown Valley. So much fun exploring.


  1. Loved seeing so many fun pictures of the kids. I am absolutely so excited to spend time with all of you this month!

  2. Looks like you seize the moment and roll with it-- cute pics! I wish we lived within walking distance to our favorite haunts!