Friday, June 6, 2014


After 2.5 years of having the kids at home full time with a nanny, we had our first week at preschool. This week and next they are doing 4 hours at preschool and then home with their nanny for the afternoon; after that they start 8 hour days four days a week. I have been pretty nervous for the transition but as seems to be the trend in my life my anxiety levels were way worse than the situation called for.....the kids have done great and although yes, it is a transition for both of them, they are totally fine.

This week was the end of a "semester" and so they had parent night to show off all of their work, which was all related to water and oceans. JD and Maia had only been there for a week but still had some fun things to show me. I was so impressed with both their teachers, the classroom, the activities, the other kids there, and the parents I met. Here's what JD & Maia were most excited about.....

Practicing fine motor skills dropping little stars into an ice cube tray with plastic tweezers
Montessori preschool is like paying for full-day Pinterest in real life. All the stuff I see online and think "what a great idea for a toddler" but don't have time to do because I am at work all day. :-)

Practicing fine motor skills grating a bar of soap:

Coloring and erasing with chalk

Transferring ocean-themed toys from one dish to another

Miss Nicole told me that a bigger kid showed JD how to do this "tray-work" - use the medicine dropper to put one drop of water in each little suction cup - and clean up any spills with the sponge. Miss Nicole was watching JD while he was practicing. She said he was totally in his own little world, and would just laugh and smile with joy when he got it right. :-) What a sweet kid and what an awesome teacher for making my day with that story.

Maia and JD showing me their pictures on their classroom wall

Playing with ocean figures

They love the little sinks that are the perfect height for 3-year-olds


  1. that preschool looks amazing! I bet the kids love it!

  2. that is so awesome!!! What a great experience for them! Melah has a preschool at her daycare as well, and i always see all the fun things the other kids are doing, so i can't wait till Melah gets to start doing those type of things as well!!! Super exciting time!!! PS: i LOVED those outfits!!!! :)