Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swimming Lessons

I like to just do everything at never mind that we are transitioning from live-in nanny to full-day preschool, I am still getting in the swing of things at my new job (not to mention in the middle of my first quarter close), and we're still kind of potty training.....let's do swim lessons too. :-) The past two weeks of swim have been SO fun but we are also VERY excited to have slow, hang-out-at-home afternoons/evenings all next week....

JD and Maia have gotten a lot better at sitting still and waiting their turn - still have a little trouble with it but better this week than last - thanks to their lovely teacher Miss Allegra. Twins moms have to decide whether to put their kids in the same class or separate them (at lessons, daycare, school, church etc) and I have chosen to keep them together at this point. When their teacher had to yell at JD "JD, we don't hold our sister's head under water!!!!" I thought Hmmmmm.....maybe separating them might be a good idea.....

They have learned how to go under water blowing bubbles, do superman floats with kicks, do assisted back floats, and "crab walk" along the side of the pool where they can't touch. Sitting on the side watching them so happy and loving it is the happiest half hour of my day. :-)


  1. I can't wait to start melah in swim lessons!! I will wait till she is 3 otherwise its the parent kid classes...and I can do that on my own with all the pools we have in our family...soooo cute!!!

  2. I loved having you and your sisters in swim lessons. You all loved it so much. It cooled you off on a hot day. It was fun for you to be with other kids. The teenage teachers were nice to you. And mama got to just sit for 1/2 hour. It was a win/win all the way around :-)