Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cute Things That Come Out of My Daughter's Mouth

Miss Maia is quite the little talker, even when she is not speaking clear English, she is babbling or singing.

She calls herself "Naia" instead of "Maia".

Apparently I say "alrighty" a lot, which I never knew, but every time I say it I now hear her little voice in the background saying "aw-wighty, aw-wighty".

She doesn't say it on her own but will repeat one word at a time, "I. Wuv. You!"

Purple. This girl loves purple. She points out everything she sees that is purple. Purple car. Purple flower. Purple plate. Purple crayon. Purple cup. Purple shoes. Purple, purple, purple.

She can express a lot in her brother's name....she says "JD" affectionately when she loves him, "JAY-DEE" sternly when she is mad at him, "JD" in tears when he steals her toy. She has a certain tone when she's teasing him, and will even repeat his name while sharing something with him, as in hand him something and say "JD! JD! JD!"

Dog. On walks or anywhere in public she gets excited over every. single. dog. She either happily says "dog! dog! dog!" or will just bark. "ruff ruff ruff!"

Her only known and favorite characters "El-mo!" and "Bi-Bir!" (Big Bird)

And of course my favorite would be the many ways she says Mama. :-)

She also calls all four of her grandparents "ga-ga" and her girl cousins are "Aud-ee" for Audrey and "Baby" for Hazel.

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  1. LOL! Isn't it great how you learn what words you say over and over.. :) i will say to Haillee all the time "where did you hear that from?" then 5 minutes later catch myself saying it... oooppps! so cute when they start talking! LOVE IT!!!