Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday Eve

JD & Maia's birthday is right up there with Christmas and Easter on my list of favorite holidays....I seriously could not get enough celebrating this week!
Happy birthday my loves. :-)
We celebrated with Mama's family, our friends, and now Papa's family....lucky 2 year olds!

JD was so-so about the cupcake but eyeing the ice cream....


Sweet girl opening her new sand toys


We are finally getting the idea of opening presents - as long as we are faster than our cousin Audrey who loves to help!

Could he seriously be any more handsome? This little guy is going to break a few hearts!

14 more years until she gets her drivers license

Watch out

We love our cousin baby Hazel!

Check out JD's crusty look - dude, if you are going to drive a pink car, you shouldn't get upset about your pink-loving cousin Audrey joining the fun.



Cousin-Mama-Twin jumping fun. When I was a kid I thought it was so bizarre that my mom had to pee every time she jumped on a trampoline. One twins pregnancy later, and I get it...!!!

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