Saturday, April 20, 2013


Two days before two and Maia found a pen in my car (which I am of course currently trying to sell, and which my dad spent hours cleaning this week) while playing "driving" in the front seat with JD. This is a common game I let them play while I am unloading groceries etc. I should have known there was something wrong because it was a little quieter than usual....silly me, I thought that they were just getting along especially well in my front seat.

The work of the budding artist (this is the passenger seat - light grey leather accented with bright blue pen):

After an hour of scrubbing with 3 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers it's about 75% cleaned up....thank you Jen for sharing your tips on cleaning pen off leather, since apparently this type of artwork is genetic and Maia's cousins had a similar idea on a beige leather couch.....


  1. Brody got our couch once and it was catastrophic. Of course it happens while you are getting ready to sell it. I always thought I would enjoy peaceful silence, but it turns out it is most always followed by a disaster...

  2. Oh, so sad! Carter got ahold of a permanent marker one day and had fun coloring me a pretty picture on my bathroom wall. A little primer and a couple coats of paint later...