Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We took a day trip with Grammy, Aunt Jen & our cousins to the Long Beach aquarium. JD & Maia make awesome animal faces/noises, the fish face being one of my favorites....right up there with "dooo dooooooo" for rooster and JD's roar for a lion. I really need to get all that on video. They made their fish faces everytime they saw fish, which was a lot.
For the record we took all five kids and three adults in one car, Jen's ginormous and incredibly practical Sequioa. That's three full car seats and two boosters. It was awesome.
 My kids do not yet understand smiling for pictures. In fact JD looks pretty stoned in this one.
 Is it just me or does Max look like a male model?
 For the record I have tried to cut these bangs and she is not interested in cooperating.
Checking out the birds (who knew there was an aviary at the aquarium - the kids loved it!)

 And of course, all toddlers have a gift of finding water everywhere they go. The aquarium had a cool park with water spray to play in.
I had brought pajamas to change the kids into for the ride home...but since they got wet, they had to change before dinner. I didn't want JD walking around in just footies so he is sporting the cool shoes-over-striped-footies look. He enjoyed his dinner at Chili's dressed like this....what a stud.

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  1. so cute!! have you tried taking her to a fun kids place to have her bangs done? i know it seems silly to pay to have it done, but maybe after the first time she will be ok with it and then let you do it?