Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Day

The highs and lows of this week are astonishing - didn't know we could handle this much in one LONG week. Josh and Maia will be one week old tomorrow. Today was a great day. I'm off to get some sleep soon so won't write much - still exhausted from yesterady - but just wanted to say both babies are doing great.

Maia - came off the ventalator at 1, heat lamp off at 2, took 1 oz at 5 and slightly less than 1 oz at 9 (both bottle feeds). This is a bit low and her latch/sucking isn't very strong, but she's low on energy from a very taxing 48 hours and just trying to sleep and recover, she'll be back to her regular eating soon. She needs to stay for about 48 hours after re-establishing regular feedings, so if she gets that back tomorrow we can have her SUNDAY! :-) Also got the results of her MRIs which I'll post about in more detail later, but suffice it to say for now that she does not need any type of immediate surgery and has plenty of time to grow strong and big before needing any corrections. She does not have ANY spina bifida and on the spectrum of possible neural tube disorders her problem is very minor and very easily corrected.

Josh - came out of his isolet this morning and has been off EVERYTHING since then and is doing great. He did a pretty good job and breastfeeding his first try at his 6 pm feeding tonight and gets 3 more tries tomorrow. But he is already doing enough at feeding that he can come home SATURDAY! :-) So by the time this week and month are over we will all be home as a family. Josh is stocky and really mellow - difficult to agitate - and drank 80 CCs of my milk (bottle) at his 3 pm feeding, which is twice what Maia was drinking before her Wednesday fiasco. He was born with a double chin and I think he is going to be a linebacker. :-) Maia is small but she's a little pistol and seems pretty high-strung. Personalites seem to match the parent with the matching gender. :-)

Ok now I'm just going to post all my favorite pictures I came across while we were looking at the past week tonight and just breathing big sighs of relief......

Josh being born

Josh and Maia :-)

Cousin Audrey bringing gifts Cousin Audrey trying to take gift back!
Little Miss Maia Jean, 1 day old

Josh and Daddy
Thursday's Goal: Excubate

Daddy wanted to be the first to hold Maia after she got her ventalator excubated Our sweet little girl recovering

Josh watching over Maia while she was very sick

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  1. I can't even put into words how happy this post makes me!!!! I almost started crying with relief!! So happy for all 4 of you!!! Can't wait to see the picture of all 4 of you leaving the hospital! Love you all! Can't wait to meet them! Hugs, prayers and love!! Hector and Amy :)