Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Night

Last night was the my final time sleeping at the hospital (hopefully for the rest of my life.....) as tonight I will be at home with Josh. :-) Maia's nursed convinced me that she could take care of my baby girl just fine, and that I should go get some sleep, as much as I could, since a full night's sleep is something I won't have for a while. I surprised myself by sleeping a full 8 hours and woke up feeling incredibly well rested. (And yes, Maia did seem to be taken care of by her nurse just fine, although I'm sure not quite as well as mommy could have!).

I can call and confirm in about an hour, but unless there are any big surprises, we can pick up our son any time today. We're planning to spend several hours with Maia Jean and then pick him up mid-afternoon. I can't wait to take him out of the hospital - and this time I get to carry him (no wheelchair) since I'm not a patient anymore. Well, I'll let Ryan carry him, he's a bit heavy! Another week of healing for me and then I'll be lifting him just fine.