Friday, April 29, 2011

Our First Relaxing Evening

This is the first evening we could really sit back and enjoy both babies (not together quite yet). I spent about 4 hours with Josh this afternoon and then Ryan and I spent the subsequent 4 hours with Maia. 2 of which were spent trying to keep her eating - she had 2 feedings we'd call successful today and one that was ok, another 4 that weren't very good. But that's better than yesterday when she wasn't eating anything, so we're moving in the right direction. Josh is still on track to come home tomorrow afternoon and depending on how Maia's eating goes, probably Sunday.

Sleeping Josh - we've taken to calling him little linebacker instead of little peanut because he's kind of huge....

His feeding tube came out today but after his second successful feeding with mom, but I wasn't able to stick around to get any pictures with it out yet. They hadn't used it for a couple of days but had left it in just in case.

Meeting Aunt Jen

Burrito Baby - I thought he might not like to be swaddled since he spent his first 5 days naked under heat but apparently he's just fine with it

Then back from Saddleback to the CHOC floor at Mission to cuddle with Maia Jean

All of Maia's nurses love her...they made her name sign. Cute! :-)

Mommy trying to hold her up for a picture....if I look uncomfortable it's because holding them still hurts my incision a bit, I usually lay them down in front of me on a pillow. But that's not as cute for pictures.


  1. Oh Elise... they are beautiful!!! So happy for you and that they are doing better!!!

  2. Both babies are adorable, and you my dear look FANTASTIC!