Friday, April 29, 2011


The main thing we are waiting on from Maia is re-established feeding. She was a good little eater before her poor reactions to the sedative used in the MRI, and now we are going on close to 48 hours of very little eating (she is being supported by an IV with essential nutrients and fluids). She had her last good feeding at 10 am on Wednesday. We tried re-introducing feeding by bottle on Thursday around 4 pm. She has had 4 bottle feedings since then and she shows interest in eating and signs of being hungry, but can't seem to suck hard enough to actually get anything to swallow in her mouth. She isn't appearing to get very frustrated, but she is also very lethargic so maybe she just doesn't have the energy to get worked up. We need her to get back to her regular good sucking/swallowing. It took me 45 minutes to get 10 mL down her at her 3 am feeding, and I used to get 40 mL in about 10 minutes.

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