Friday, April 29, 2011

Steps Toward Going Home

We just graduated from our warmer-bed....

Back to a regluar crib. :-)

It's encouraging to see that things can turn around for the better just as quickly as they turned around for the worse a couple of days ago. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I don't have current pictures of Josh right now, but his daddy is at Saddleback for a car set inspection in anticipation of being released tomorrow. And Maia's PICU doctor said Josh is welcome to join us in her room during the day tomorrow - so it is possible that brother and sister will be reunited in about 24 hours! I think Maia will improve even faster when her brother is by her side.


  1. Amen! I hope that Josh's presence next to Maia will be healing for her! :)

  2. Eggett, I just read this whole blog (I'm sad I wasn't reading updates as they came), and I am praying for and your sweet family! It sounds like things are going better, but, oh my heavens, this must have been the roughest ride of your life, and I can't even imagine it! Just know I'm thinking of you and will be following your posts. Much love and congratulations- they are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. So exciting!!! I bet Maia will improve when Josh gets there. I heard this story of twins born... gosh probably 10 years ago, but 1 wasn't doing a nurse put the other twin in with the sick on and the sick one made miraculous recovery!! I think it's amazing how tight God makes twins... they truly love each other. I can't wait to hear all about bringing Josh home... that is SOOO exciting!! Praise God for the recovery!! :) Love to you all <3