Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday - quick update

Tuesday day was uneventful aside from moving Maia from Saddleback to CHOC (CHOC is wonderful and we are very comfortable, we met our pediatric nerologist and it was great to speak with him face to face), Tuesday night was rough. Found out Josh was not able to start eating yesterday (so he is still being fed through a tube) because although his breathing is still improving, it wasn't stable enough for the dr to feel comfortable trying to feed. Not the end of the world, just a little disappointing as we had really hoped to hear he was doing well with real food in his stomach. On the bright side he was more alert than I'd ever seen him (wish we had brought the camera!) and it was like he was making eye contact with us which was really cool.

Ryan's mom watched Maia so we could both go see him together, when we got back to CHOC around 10:15 they had taken her to give her an IV. We knew they would probably be doing this; we couldn't get her to hold still enough for yesterday's MRI so we are trying again this morning with a little sedative. We initially thought she would not be able to eat for 4 hours, which isn't a big deal, but the anesthesiologist decided it really needed to be 8. She has been much better than I thought she would be after being hungry, but has definitely been more fussy than usual and I've been up with her about a dozen times in addition to Ryan's 3 or 4 times (only because I can't help but get up with her most of the time whether Ryan does or not, so I tell him to just put on headphones and sleep since I can't sleep through her cries anyway) in the past 6 hours. I.e. no sleep for mom. My pain levels from the C-section are definitely up, probably from anxiety and lack of sleep. We are going to leave the hospital to sleep some this morning after such a long night.

I'll try and post an update when we get MRI results.

My little baby being quite the trooper:


  1. I am not sure if it was all in my head or not but when I was in pain from my C-section I would use a warm (not hot) heating pad (at the hospital they would give me a warm blanket).

  2. This is Jen's friend. :) We're praying for all four of you!!

  3. Ken & I are praying for you-- just heard the news and hope you are feeling better today!

  4. I know the feeling of not being able to sleep, even if someone else is caring for the baby. There's something about carrying inside of me that makes it hard to stop feeling everything about the precious little one.