Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27 - good day for Josh

Josh drank his first bottle - my milk - today at noon. His nurse told me he "sucked his first bottle down in nothing flat." This is great news because it means his sucking/breathing/swallowing instincts are already working. It also means I should be able to start working on breast-feeding him with a lactation nurse by Friday or Saturday.

Ryan just left to go see him, I'm just not up to going anywhere tonight so I hope the little guy understands. I did send him milk, a blanket, and a little onesie since his nurse said he could wear clothes now. He will be likely be moved completely out of his isolet (sp?) and into a normal crib tomorrow - no heat lamps, no oxygen, no IV. :-)

Also as I was going through some things at the hospital today I stumbled across my necklace with some of Josh Newman's ashes on the inside - it's a little silver heart. I found it while I was unpacking from our move out of the regular room into the PICU, and putting it on made me feel really strong. Now I have Josh Newman here with me, I feel like I have a little bit of my baby Josh here with me since that's his namesake, and they are both here with Maia too.


  1. Great news for baby Josh! So happy to hear that he is eating is off to a good start!

  2. Praise God!!! I'm so happy to hear he is doing well.

  3. I am at work and don't have time to piece together the right words to express how I feel about you, Ryan, Maia, JD and Josh. So many people stand behind you, although the strength it will take to carry on, must come from with in. You have always been an incredibly strong and energetic woman. I'm so grateful you are the mother to these new babies because I know you and Ryan will do everything in your power to do what is best for them. I love you all and am so glad I can keep updated by reading you blog.

    In Korea people often part or encourage one another by saying, "Fighting!" Keep fighting!

  4. I found your blog and was grateful I could get caught up on your family! Thanks for taking the time to share all the details with us! I'm glad the twins have arrived and are fighting! You are amazing running back and forth from hospitals. Hang in there. You'll be home with those darling twins soon, so glad they are improving, despite a few bumps in the road. Mike and I send our love! And a quick detail to make you smile: we send our girls to Chitty's for swim lessons!